To our Children’s Children’s Children

Many of you who know me for years are aware of what makes me care. It is quite simple, love of the land we the People.

Many who are finding me for the first time know of my love of learning that spans a lifetime.

Few do know how did I get here to where the State of New Mexico Supreme Court has annually a cite to my court case one that had me tested almost to the brink of homelessness ? Fewer still how hard did I work to organize a conservation corps some forty years after FDR’ Civilian Conservation Corps by writing new policy and procedures based on a one page Presidential Executive Order from President Jimmy Carter and how that had my camp become a nationally recognized and awarded program? Even today I even find a copywrited work of mine cited by researchers in academia.

Perhaps getting there was best expressed by my father and mother who taught me by saying “nothing ventured nothing gained” and was fond of an old saying Ad Astra Per Aspera, “To the Stars Through Difficulty”

Parents raised me but it was
my major professor Miklos Gratzer, a unique man who as student radical escaped state sponsored socialism and suppression of dissent in Hungary, who would tell me I have a unique talent. He said I was educated enough to be able see the world and understand it as a series of systems, as a generalist vs. one who is a specialist. He said that made me a bit unique for these times when most were content to be specialists.

I can tell you as a result, I am never truely ever bored.


If one considers that our profligate energy use for our conveniences are outpacing that of our necessaries and climate and energy use must decline in a climate crisis, the article linked to below is a warning.

According to models projected on a number of our life support systems, to avoid the known unknows of climate tipping points that project the worst case of runaway carbon and GHG atmospheric releases, energy use must begin declining by over 7% year over year immediately.